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Instant Scan in IPMonitor

The Instant Scan feature in IPMonitor is a quick and efficient tool for assessing the current status of a single sender IP address or sender domain. This guide will walk you through the process of performing an instant scan and understanding the resulting report.

Performing an Instant Scan

  1. Access Instant Scan: Select "Instant Scan" from the left menu in the IPMonitor dashboard.

  2. Enter Asset Details: You will be prompted to enter either a sender IP address or sender domain. This tool is designed to provide a quick check without the need to add the asset to your monitoring list.

  3. Start the Scan: After entering the IP address or domain, click the "START SCANNING" button. IPMonitor will then commence an immediate scan across various blacklists and data sources.

Understanding the Instant Scan Report

  • Report Contents: The generated report will offer a comprehensive view of the asset's current status, including:

    • Current Hostname
    • Sender Score
    • Microsoft SNDS Data (if applicable)
    • Blacklist Scan Status
  • Utility: The Instant Scan tool is particularly useful when you need a quick check on the reputation of an IP address or sender domain without the intention to add it to your ongoing asset list.

Usage Limitations

  • Rate Limit: Please be aware that the Instant Scan tool has a usage limitation. It can be used once every minute to ensure optimal performance and resource allocation.