IP Black List Monitoring Features

IP black list monitoring features that will save 50% of your time instantly.

IP blacklist monitor

Monitor multiple IP addresses

No matter how many IP addresses you have, IPMonitor will monitor your IP addresses on all major black lists, Microsoft SNDS and SenderScore. See the trend and history of your IP addresses.

Monitor 200+ black lists

From Spamhaus to Senderbase, your IP addresses will be scanned on more than 200 black lists.

IP blacklist monitoring
IP blacklist monitoring

Monitor SenderScore

ReturnPath's SenderScore is a critical metric for the reputation of your IP address. IPMonitor scans the SenderScore of your IP addresses and keep the metric history. See the change overtime with a single click.

Monitor Microsoft SNDS

No need to login to your Microsoft Outlook Postmaster account any more. See the change and reputation trend of your IP address on Microsoft Outlook instantly.

IP blacklist monitoring

Key features for better IP black list monitoring

Multiple IP address monitoring

Add all your IP addresses to your IPMonitor account and let it track several reputation parameters for you.

200+ black list monitoring

More than 200 black lists are being scanned for your IP addresses every day. You can see black listed IP addresses to take action.

Microsoft SNDS monitoring

SNDS filter status, spam complaint rate, trap hit rate and other Microsoft SNDS parameters are being tracked every day.

SenderScore monitoring

IPMonitor keeps the log of your IP address SenderScore metrics and you can filter your IP addreses for specific SenderScore levels.

Historical data reporting

Get access to your IP address historical data, analyze the change over time and take appropriate action.

Hostname change tracking

The change of your IP address hostnames are logged and you can filter your IP addresses based on hostnames.

Domain blacklist monitoring

Keep your domain names in good standing. Get notified instantly whenever one of your domains enter into a blacklist.

Daily or weekly report emails

Receive daily or weekly report emails right into your inbox and get notified about latest Senderscore metrics, blacklist statuses and many more.

IP tagging

Tag your IP addresses and group them for better monitoring. You can tag your IP addresses with different tags.

Mutli-user platform

Invite your colleagues and give them access to monitor IP addresses together.

On-premise ready

If you need an in-house IP black list monitoring and reputation system, IPMonitor is the right solution for you. Please contact us for more details.

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