Monitoring multiple IP addresses at once

IP address tagging

If you have several IP addresses and want to group them based on specific criteria, it’s always a good approach to use IPMonitor’s IP tagging feature.

For example, if you have assigned 3 IP addresses to one of your customers and want to check it regularly and see if those IP addresses are blacklisted or having a sudden drop on Senderscore reputation, it’s a good idea to tag them and then make a search for those IP addresses. In this example, let’s say you want to tag those 3 IP addresses as “customer_1”. To do this, simply search those IP addresses on your IPMonitor account, click and go to the edit page of each IP address. Type the tag “customer_1” on the tag field and save.

Then on the IP browse page, apply a filtering and set the rule to [tag] [contains] [customer_1]. This rule will return the list of IP addresses with the defined tag.

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