How do you know your IP is blacklisted?

The reputation of your IP addresses is important when it comes to email delivery and communicating with your customers. If you are sending your emails from a blacklisted and low-reputation IP address, you will definitely loose sales and miss opportunities.

However, monitoring your IP addresses against blacklists and reputation services is a time taking process. Depending on number of IP addresses and domain names you have, you need to check blacklists one by one unless you use a blacklist monitoring software.

There’re around 100 important blacklist databases. In addition to these blacklist databases, there are some reputation services such as ReturnPath and Microsoft SNDS where data can be gathered.

IPMonitor blacklist monitoring software monitors around 100 IP blacklists, 40 domain blacklists, ReturnPath’s Senderscore and Microsoft SNDS for each IP address you have. You can check the reputation trend of your IP addresses with a single click:

Microsoft SNDS Data Report

If you encounter a blacklisting case for one of your IP addresses, it’s important to apply for de-listing process on the blacklist source. For example, if your IP address is blacklisted on Spamhaus, you need to visit their de-listing page on the website to start the de-listing process.

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