Choosing the Right Blacklist Monitoring Software

Choosing the right blacklist monitoring software

Selecting the right blacklist monitoring software for your company is essential. Otherwise, you may think that your website domain or IP addresses have not been blacklisted only to later realize you missed out on opportunities because of unknown blacklisting. Your company’s reputation depends on the blacklist checker you select, so you must take your time when deciding to ensure you select a reputable company.

Ability to Monitor Multiple Address

Some of the lower-cost or free blacklist monitoring software options only let you monitor a single IP address, but the best options have a bulk IP blacklist checker function. This feature will let you check all the IP addresses associated with your company, even if you have multiple companies, so you do not need to create several accounts and waste time switching between them. Not only does good blacklist monitoring software let you track multiple IP addresses, it also gives you ways to manage them, such as IP tagging and tracking of hostname changes, already worked into the IP blacklist check script.

Accessibility for Multiple Users

While exploring the features of a IP blacklist checker, confirm that the platform in question has support for multiple users. This comes down to a matter of convenience since you do not want to have to log out after conducting a domain blacklist check so another employee in your company can log in and check something later.

Number of Blacklists Monitored

Another important feature to look for is whether the blacklist monitoring software in question only checks the most popular blacklists, such as a Barracuda blacklist or RBL check, or acts as a bulk blacklist checker. For example, the IPMonitor monitors more than 200 different blacklists daily for your IP address(es). This is a highly competitive number of lists considering MxToolbox, which claims to be a leader, only indicates that it checks more than 100 blacklists. HetrixTools does better, checking 154 blacklists, but that is still significantly less than IPMonitor. Set your standards high in this respect, so you can stay on top of your company’s blacklist status. After all, there is no use to blacklist monitoring software if it does not check enough blacklists.

Clean Interface

As with any other program you choose to use, you should confirm that the blacklist monitoring software you select has a clean interface that is intuitive to use. This comes down to personal preference, but the best programs will have screenshots or videos to give you an idea of what the platform looks like. You can also read reviews to get a feel for its usability, whether for performing a website or Hotmail blacklist check.

Method of Reporting Results

Pay attention to how your chosen blacklist monitoring software reports the results, including the information you receive and how often. The best platforms will clearly show a list of blacklisted IP addresses that you asked the software to monitor, historical data so you can analyze changes over time, and even metrics like SenderScore. The top software also gives you the choice of daily reports via email in addition to those via the interface. Also check how easy it is to access various features, such as the blacklist check. With IP Blacklist Monitor, for example, you can view your IP reputation for Outlook without logging into Outlook Postmaster accounts.

Free Trials and Plans

Your bottom line should also be a concern when selecting your blacklist monitoring software. You want to select software that offers either a free trial or a simple free plan, so you can test it out before making a commitment. From there, you should select a program that offers a range of plans. This way, you can pay for the monitoring services you need without spending too much money. The top blacklist monitoring software will also have an on-premise option for larger companies that need to monitor unlimited domains and IP addresses.

Customer Support

Finally, review the customer support that your chosen IP blacklist check offers, including the available hours and the methods of contact. It should go without saying that the more support options it offers, the stronger consideration you should give to a certain program. When looking at this aspect of the software, also pay attention to support services, such as FAQ articles to help you get started and extra information. With IPMonitor, for example, you can find articles about the IP Blacklist Check API and other specific topics, ensuring clients fully understand everything.

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