Analyzing Microsoft(r) SNDS historical data

Microsoft SNDS Historial Data

Microsoft SNDS data plays an important role on identifying possible problems when delivering your emails to Hotmail/Outlook email accounts. From spam complaints to daily delivery volumes, complaint rates to trap hits, you can find valuable data about your deliveries and use this data to improve your deliveries.

However, Microsoft doesn’t provide a user-friendly interface for you to analyze your data.

IPMonitor blacklist monitoring software allows you to fetch SNDS data directly from your Microsoft account and displays it in a better way to you.

Microsoft SNDS Data Report

You can view daily SNDS filtering status and then compare the results based on different metrics such as daily volumes, complaint rates, trap hits, etc.

Based on this information, you can run a better IP warmup process or provide better delivery reports to your customers.

To get started with Microsoft(r) SNDS reporting, you need to enable this feature in your IPMonitor account under “Monitor Settings” link on the left menu. Once you enter your SNDS data feed URLs, IPMonitor will start capturing your SNDS data regularly.

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